Psychic Mediumship Classes Beginners

I found during lockdown from March that my Psychic Mediumship sittings were lean’t on a lot by people who wanted answers and comforting messages in what has been a rather disconcerting year. Upon going back to my physical work I then found that the healing side of my work was once again a comfort to many and a larger number of clients were coming to me for healing/reiki as well as the massage side.

My aim now is to start up Psychic Mediumship classes for beginners.  These will be in a set of 6 weeks to start off with and with 6 people per class via Zoom.  These classes will be aimed at those wishing to learn how to open up and close down to allow their abilities to be more concentrated but also to give them down time needed. Sometimes when we first open up to our abilities it can be rather overwhelming and we can get lost in all of it.  By learning how to open up and close down we learn to work well with what we have but also, importantly, to live this life and enjoy it. By doing that our spiritual connection may also teach us how to learn lessons in life and become the best person we can be and be aware of that which is around us.

In these classes I will guide you through a healing meditation at the start of every class and then I will guide you through opening up your senses to allow the Spiritual Mediumship work to commence.  Each week we will try different methods and you may see which are your strengths and which may be worked upon to build up strength in a particular area, aiming at lighthearted and fun but also how to deliver a message properly and nicely and of course at the end of each class you will be guided through closing down and protection.

Please do let me know if you are interested in attending the 6 week course whereby we can have a little chat to see if this is for you.  I would say it best we start from January now as we have Christmas fast approaching but also if there is interest I would be happy to do an introductory class in December to  whet the appetite.

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