Therapy List and Prices

The following is a list of therapies that have been tailored generally, however Tamara is able to tailor therapies to the individual.

For the Humans: –


The Body Basics
Intuitive Massage

A true mind, body and spirit massage therapy. At the start of the therapy, you will be talked through a relaxing breathing meditation to calm and soothe your mind to help your body prepare for the Holistic Massage, with relaxing but firm movements where your body will be soothed and calmed and the Energy Healing where all of you will benefit on a higher level.

55 minutes – £60, 85 minutes – £90

Massage (Remedial, Sports, Holistic)

55 minutes – £60, 85 minutes – £90, 120 minutes – £110

Hot Stones Massage

Warm basalt stones are placed over the towel on your body whilst more stones are used with arnica oil to massage away deep muscle tension. This is an ideal therapy for those who don’t like deep tissue massage as the heat penetrates deeper without the need for tougher massage.

55 minutes – £80, 85 minutes – £110


You will be clothed and lying down on a treatment couch with the comfort of a blanket to keep you warm as you relax in to the healing session. Although you will be kept warm regardless, it’s a lovely idea to bring some socks along particularly in the winter months for the extra comfort factor.

55 minutes – £60


Spa Therapies with Neal’s Yard Remedies Products
The Face – Facial Rejuvenation & Facials
The Holistic Neal’s Yard Facial 55 minutes £65
Natural Lift Facial Massage 55 minutes £60
The Holistic Hydrating Facial with Natural Lift Facial Massage

A hydrating and nourishing treatment for your skin to not only relax and cleanse, but also to give the muscles of your face a noticeable lift. The treatment begins with a cleanse, gentle exfoliation, followed by the Natural Lift Facial Massage using a soothing balm, a relaxing deep cleansing mask will help eliminate any impurities naturally whilst you have a choice of receiving energy healing, a hand and arm massage or a scalp massage whilst the mask does its wonderful work. Warm cotton mitts will gently cleanse the pores and send you in to a relaxed state further as the treatment concludes with a moisturiser and a spritz.

Includes the choice of: energy healing, hand & arm massage or scalp massage.

90 minutes £120

Luxurious Spirit Lifting Body Therapy

This pure luxury therapy offers something special for you to relax and unwind for your very own level of decadence.

The Therapy begins with body brushing to boost the circulation; followed by a body polish to deliver a silky soft exfoliation and deep moisture boost; then follows a luxurious massage with the uplifting heady scents of jasmine and ylang ylang which will not only leave your skin velvety soft, but leave feeling decadently treated.

55 minutes – £75 (this includes a half hour massage)

85 minutes – £110 (this includes an hours massage and will include a face and head massage)

120 minutes – £160 (this includes an hours massage as above but with Hot Stones , and energy healing afterwards

The Holistic Tone & Detoxify Body Therapy

A rejuvenating therapy that melts away tension, aids in detoxification and helps to bring your mind, body and soul back in to harmony and balance.

The Treatment begins with body brushing to boost circulation, then a wonderfully detoxifying & exfoliating body scrub to smooth & tone the skin; a luxurious massage follows with gentle stretching techniques to allow you to relax and unwind. Neal’s Yard Remedies oils will tone, detoxify, rejuvenate and stimulate to help eliminate toxins from your body.

55 minutes – £70 (this includes a half hour massage)

85 minutes – £100 (this includes an hours massage and will include a face and head massage)

120 minutes – £150 (this includes an hours massage as above but with Hot Stones , and energy healing afterwards)

De Stress Treatment for the Head and Feet

As your feet feel the wonderful relaxing warm water and essential oil foam bath, your head and neck are massaged to take away the tension. Your feet will then be exfoliated to help smooth, then follows a Thai Foot Massage with a balm to pamper, soothe, revitalise & nourish.

55 minutes – £70

Detoxing & Firming Abdominal, Leg & Thigh Treatment

Firstly your skin will be brushed to boost circulation, then follows an enriching exfoliator to smooth & rejuvenate the skin. An abdominal & colon massage using detoxifying oils stimulates the digestive and lymphatic systems by specialised stomach colon massage to help cleanse and relax your digestive system, together with a stimulating massage for your thighs and a soft lymphatic massage of the legs to help the body rid itself of toxin build up the skin is soothed with a firming body cream.

55 minutes – £70

Back, Face & Head – with or without hot stones (please state when booking)

Tailoring some of the favourites. This treatment includes a back and neck massage with or without hot stones, followed by the Natural Lift Facial Massage and the Indian Head Massage.

85 minutes – £110

Neal’s Yard Remedies Products can be ordered and purchased from Tamara directly, and are recommended to be in order to keep up the effects of the therapies.

For the Animals: –

Animal Work
Healing (all animals, small to large) from £45
Equine Sports & Remedial Massage from £45
Canine Massage from £45
At the start of healing sessions you will be invited to join in a grounding meditation so that you too are calm and present, it’s a lovely way to engage with your animal on a deeper level as they settle in to the healing. Often, Guardians/Owners, find that being with their animal throughout the healing helps them greatly aswell.

Please note that Prices start from £45 for up to a 55 minute treatment, however with regards to Equine Sports & Remedial Massage there may be an additional cost for travel expenses. Please telephone Tamara to discuss further.

Cancellation Policy: Due to room booking/admin costs, please be aware at time of booking that Tamara will have to charge full cost of treatment for unattended or cancelled appointments and would ask that 24 hours notice be given when changing or cancelling an appointment so as not to incur full costs. Thank you.