Tamara has a fantastic ability to determine and pinpoint any muscular issue in a dog. My dog was limping for no reason and after a massage on her left leg as well as the muscles at the joints Tamara got her up and walking properly. We have just been out for a walk / run this morning and the limping has totally disappeared. I would recommend Tamara to anyone that has a dog with muscular problems.

My first meeting with Tamara but I felt like I’d known her years! I was very comfortable and relaxed. Tamara has a very warm, comfortable approach that puts you at ease straight away. I came away excited and very positive about what she had told me. I cannot wait to book in again and continue meeting with Tamara. Thank you so much! I was definitely ready for this meeting. (Jen)

Having had massage and physio on many occasions around the world, Tamara is amongst the best I have ever been treated by and I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending her for sports/remedial/intuitive massage.  She is absolutely excellent! (Andrew Shaw – International Triathlete & Kona Iron Man)

Tamara is simply amazing, I have had several psychic sittings over the last few years and found them all to be true and relevant to me.  Tamara instantly puts you at ease and creates a calm comforting atmosphere, a truly magical experience (Suzanne)

Tamara is an old soul who has an excellent knack of connecting with animals. She is extremely intuitive and can often receive messages from them as she works. My miniature schnauzer Archie loves having a massage and Tamara ensures his chakras are clear and strong. He has been generally less anxious since the sessions began. I highly recommend Tamara for any animal large or small! (DD)

Tamara has a natural gift of establishing very quickly what needs correcting or dealing with to bring a person back to equilibrium.

Not only can she find the areas that are an issue, but she has a wealth of knowledge and experience on what stretches will work to help an individual continue on the road to recovery after treatment has been given.

Monthly visits also help as I am a keen exercise enthusiast and remedial massage is a great help for tired and aching muscles. (Anon)

I have been coming to see Tamara now for over 6 years. She had massaged me pre and post pregnancy. She is honestly the best, my husband and I call her ‘sat nav’.  She understands massage, healing and you get results from her. I recommend her every time. (Amy)

Tamara’s expertise goes beyond the average massage. I can highly recommend Tamara’s treatments and commitment towards her passion: massage therapy. I have been a regular client of Tamara since 2010 and can say that since then I have not needed to try any other therapist. Not only is she highly experienced in the field of massage techniques, she is equally capable to ‘sense’ my body’s needs with a synergy second to none. Her approach to massage is practical, effective, technical, intuitive and healing.

Tamara’s hot stones massage has consistently straightened and released spasm and knots in my back/shoulders resulting from poor work posture and previous childhood back issues. I feel that the hot stones can reach areas effectively and induce relaxation.

Tamara is professional, extremely skilled and above all kind hearted. (Beatrice, Guildford)

Tamara’s expertise in Sports and Remedial Massage and Healing is so much more than professional.  Tamara is most definitely gifted.  Healing is not just her profession, it’s in her soul and she’s passionate about it.  The treatments I have had with her over the past two years have been outstanding.

My work and hobbies are physically very demanding and I have prolapsed discs in my lower back.  For me to enjoy life and live pain free I need to keep physically fit, my core strong and give it come TLC.

Tamara’s ability to combine healing with Sport and Remedial Massage has helped tremendously to repair my body and to keep it in balance.

With Tamara, from the moment I walk in the room she makes me feel at ease and seems to just know what my body needs, even without me saying anything.  I feel fully relaxed in her hands, totally trusting of any manipulations that are needed and I always come out of a session with her feeling great.

I have received treatments from many different therapists over the years and highly recommend Tamara’s treatments knowing you’re in excellent hands!! (Helen, Guildford)

Tamara instinctively knows what I need as soon as I walk into her treatment room.  Her intuition is quite amazing.  She is, quite simply, the best, most effective, healer and therapist that I know and I would highly recommend her to anyone.  Her magic hands heal, sooth and release tension and her gentle, but no-nonsense, approach leaves me feeling calm, energised and wanting more! (Clare, 34)

Tamara has a special way of making me feel really relaxed and I love it when she does her healing.  I like it because I can feel the energy on my body and it makes me feel warm and fuzzy.  Tamara massages me and sometimes it tickles because I’m so tense but then she loosens all my body up amazingly. (India, 11)

As a horse rider for over 35 years there is an almost ‘occupational hazard’ which goes with the activity, every now and again you need straightening out! Tamara managed to free a spasm in my back and then found numerous other issues that I hadn’t even noticed which related to the resulting spasm, the consequences of me adapting my posture to accommodate fatiguing muscles and equine related manoeuvring!

She also helped the horse I regularly ride, a 20 year old stallion who has a highly alert disposition, as such he holds tension in almost every muscle and sinew of his body. Tamara’s patience working with him over the space of a year, has been a huge and valued contribution to his relaxation both mentally and physically. Recently he sustained a muscular injury to his hind leg, which Tamara quickly attended to. A year ago he wouldn’t have tolerated Tamara working with him for any length of time (he isn’t one to hide his feelings), however he stood patiently whilst she successfully treated him.

Tamara has a great gift and committment for her work with both horses and humans which is a rare combination. I am fortunate to be able to call on her expertise. (Emma)

Tamara has massaged both my two horses and myself.

I had Tamara massage my Andalucian, whose Eventing showed promise at the beginning of this year (2014). I could feel him looser and forward going which made his flat work and jumping improve, so much so that this year he was placed every time we competed and winning at BE 100.

I would say that the results of her massaging me loosened up my shoulders and as a result I worked more fluidly together with my horses.

My other horse is an ex race horse thoroughbred and he feels so much free’er in his back, neck, shoulders and hindquarters after his massage. He really does enjoy his massage. (Lucy)

Tamara has been my ‘sports and therapeutic massage’ therapist for nearly a year, treating some muscle and tendon issues from previous sport damage. My experience is that her skills and ability go beyond the straight release of muscle and soft tissue pain. Tamara’s approach is unique in my experience of massage, being not only based on sports science but combined with instinctive and intuitive elements which have helped release long standing injuries. As a result I am free from pain and able to enjoy my sports again. I also feel healthier as a whole after following Tamara’s post treatment health advice and exercise programs. (Anon)

I have been a regular client of Tamara’s for over three years. She is absolutely wonderful — and has an uncanny ability to tune into clients’ physiological state and apply, in my case, deep tissue massage to achieve a splendid sense of relaxation and rejuvenation. Tamara is professional, engaging and an extremely proficient practitioner of wellbeing!
(Mark L.)

Tamara’s sports massages and other complementary therapies are incredible. The Team is feeling better than they have done in decades after their sessions with Tamara. The horses’ movement is much more supple and relaxed too. We are thrilled to have Tamara onboard as her work is making a very positive difference.

Just wanted to say – thank you sooo much for the pamper party for Ella’s birthday. It was perfect for a group of ten-year-olds and the treatments were ideal – relaxing and holistic. They came away smelling of Roses!

Thanks Tamara – the girls enjoyed it so much and came away in the best of moods!
(Sarah, Surrey)