Well, here we go!

Lockdown presented itself with certain challenges for many. For some it has been a time of stress and anguish and my heart goes out to you and I hope that you took/have taken the opportunity to seek out help. For some, loss has been experienced and again please accept my sympathies at this sad time.  Death of a loved one(s) can leave one in limbo and non closure so may I suggest seeking out therapy and healing for this as it may be an aid to you. Mind charity has been marvellous for many especially in this period of time, plus talking therapies have been a gift from above for many.

For myself, as I said before my work just stopped that day lockdown was announced. One day I was working, the next day I made the decision that I was putting people at risk no matter how much I sanitised my therapy room/couch etc, opened doors for people, sanitised all places each client had been before the next came in – I was following government guidelines way before they’d even been thought of, but I would say this also has something to do with the training we therapists have.  From the moment we start training it is drummed in to us about cleanliness, client care, sanitisation, hand washing etc. etc. I laughed to myself and wondered if I was being a little too over the top but as it turns out no I wasn’t. It beggars belief really that wellbeing therapists & beauty were one of the last to be able to work given the level of client care which is drummed in to us from the beginning. If anything, we should have been one of the first to go back, if not key workers throughout this, not only for the point of cleanliness and safety in that respect but also for mental health care. Stress affects the mind and body in a big way.  Yes, talking therapies have been literally life saving to many but the job of a massage therapist for example is just as important for mental health as it is for the body in fact the two intertwine.

Lockdown set a course of action for the opportunity of self-healing and learning about ourselves. Over, it must the last 17 years I have done a lot of self-healing and self-learning, every step along the way I have questioned myself for every feeling I felt ‘what can I learn from this?’ and yes, there were times when the ‘lesson’ came at me again and again and again and I just wasn’t getting it for whatever reason.  At times it’s been akin to seeing a door to the right of you and choosing to try and consistently walk through the wall next to it saying ‘I want to go this way, I want the door to be here’, sometimes you’ve just got to adapt in order to grow and not get hurt anymore.

From this time, I have grasped the opportunity for change. We have to start from within ourselves. I have gone through a maze of emotions too and when I have needed my time alone I’ve respected myself and done just that and yes, I am lucky that I have been able to, but my thinking was I need to heal and look after myself and then I will be strong enough to care for others at the other side of all this.

This moment in time has brought me to decisions that I possibly would otherwise have delayed because I was ‘too busy’ doing what I was already doing.

I have moved on with my online therapies and I am happy that they are helping and because they are online it doesn’t mean that I am limited to Surrey.  In fact I can be anywhere in the world and this is both exciting and interesting to observe.

Plus, I have decided to go forth in my teaching of, and sittings for individuals for Psychic Mediumship.  I will be giving classes online through Zoom for up to 6 students. This is an exciting opportunity and the wonderful thing about going online is that again, we can be anywhere not only in the country, but in the world too.

I have studied Psychic Mediumship at The College of Psychic Studies, London since 2009 and yes I had the abilities beforehand but the college gave me an education in how to deliver a message ‘properly’.  I remember being told years ago that ‘I would be on my own for the rest of my life and I just better get over it and get used to it’.  That sent me off in to a spin as it was the last thing I wanted.  Indeed, from my broken state another Psychic consoled me with ‘if I would change some things in my life then I wouldn’t be on my own for the rest of my life’ and then another Psychic, one of my respected healer teachers in fact told me that this wouldn’t be the case and from this I believed her and let go of that feeling although the first was always in my mind and I made a vow to learn how to deliver a message with empathy and heart because it is so very important.  On another occasion I remember being told by a friend that she saw someone who saw a photo of her horse and said ‘that’s a shame, he will die young’.  So, every year she wonders if this is the year she will lose him, just the same as for years it was in the back of my mind that I would indeed be lonely and miserable. Neither have come to light, the horse is middle aged now and I am married, but this is by the by.  The point of this story is that I have been taught how to deliver a message with empathy and I trust that is what I do and this is what I believe is the responsibility of a psychic medium and my wish is to guide others to do that as well as build up their strength in the subject. I have been in front of an audience both in a spiritual church and at open night at The College of Psychic Studies and believe me, this isn’t my comfort zone.  I prefer to keep to the background, I am the one listening and observing at a party, possibly having a little dance but not throwing any Saturday Night Fever moves centre stage that’s for sure.

I recently went back to a place I love and surrounded by horses and because of my time spent in meditation and self healing I was able once again to clearly hear the communications from the horses and whilst I spent time in communication I gave healing and made a difference and this is something that despite my years of doing, never ceases to amaze me that I am able to do this and I am grateful every day for what I can do and in return I want to do my best to help others to get the best out of themselves too. Each little thing of good we can do as individuals can carry to the larger community and who knows what good, peace and love we could achieve for this earth.


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