New Ideas …

How are you dear reader?  I have spent time pondering on what to write this rainy afternoon. Looking out of my window as the rain falls and a fox has nipped across the green going about their business and I think, as I thought consistently throughout this lockdown, that we do live in a beautiful Continue reading »

It’s all about you…

Ok, it’s great to have a massage to release that stress, to iron out those muscles and I of course would advocate that. To have a regular massage especially after sorting out the initial problems can be the maintenance needed to keep those problems from recurring and of course to help your mind to relax Continue reading »

The Intuitive Massage & Healing Therapy

Intuitive Massage with Healing Working on the basis of integrating the mind, body and spirit, Tamara will look to establish the cause, whether it be internal or external. The aim is to rebalance the body so it achieves balance or homeostasis. As a Bodyworker, Tamara has trained not only extensively in massage, but also anatomy Continue reading »

Canine Massage & Healing

  Massage and Energy Healing isn’t only for humans, animals can benefit greatly aswell on all levels. From an emotional or psychological standpoint, all animals but in the case of this page, dogs have strong emotions and can suffer depressive illness, fear and loss just the same, they are pack animals and in a rescue Continue reading »

Taking care of The Self

     Taking care of The Self is taking care of the full embodiment of You.  Your physical body, your mind and your soul.  We, in the West particularly, live in a world where life flies by at a rate of knots and we often forget who we are and what we really need.  The Self is Continue reading »

It’s Autumn! Time for a little refreshment.

Well, that was Summer and here we are fast approaching the Autumn Equinox if you can believe it!?  Personally, I loved Summer and after a trip to Wales in August, followed by South East of England, where we had the quintessentially British holiday of part sun, part rain, I felt happy to have that homely feel Continue reading »