The Organic Holistic Facial everyone wants with a Natural Lift Facial Massage!!

We are indeed being given (as I write) beautiful chilly mornings as the sun promises to shine warm and brightly throughout the days.  It’s certainly lovely to feel that warmth on the skin, but also when I’m out in the mornings in the fresh air it’s lovely to feel that chill as you breathe in the new days air and feel that fresh chill on your skin – it certainly helps to wake up ones system of a morning with the mornings getting that little bit later.

Neals YArd facialNow, with the chilly / warmth equation, I have recently received a lot of interest in my Holistic Facials, which incorporate the Natural Lift Facial Massage, so with this thought in mind it seems a perfect opportunity to talk about my Organic Holistic Facials and to whet your appetite explain a little further what is involved especially as it’s proving a very popular treatment.  This is no ordinary facial, it leaves your skin beautifully fresh and with the addition of Natural Lift Facial Massage, it’s a welcome addition to anyone wanting that little something well deserved and required!

For your facial I will use the natural, safe and ethical Neal’s Yard Remedies* products.  In addition to feeling the warmth from the cotton mitts on your skin as I take away the build up of the day or the week, you’ll receive a cleanse to your face and decollate followed by a gentle exfoliation, a soothing massage to your head, neck and shoulders will then follow and it is at this stage you will receive the Natural Lift Facial Massage** followed by a relaxing deep cleansing facial mask which will include a hand and arm massage. Warm cotton mitts will gently cleanse the pores and send you into a wonderfully relaxing state further as the treatment will be completed with a moisturiser on your freshly rejuventated face.

Just to explain the **Natural Lift Facial Massage further, or as it’s also known, Facial Rejuvenation.  It is a wonderful holistic treatment which can be used on it’s own or as an addition to the well known facial using products.  Natural Lift Facial Massage incorporates a unique blend of highly effective techniques from Indian Face Massage with complementary techniques from Japanese Facial Massage and Acupressure for the face to give your skin a noticeable lift and rejuvenation and some people call it a face lift without the need for surgery.

Relieve deep tension and give the facial muscles a lift.  After all, they do a lot for us and they give us our expressions regardless or whether we’re laughing or ‘not amused!’.  On top of us being us, our skin is contending with ageing as well as stress and the outside influences of pollution in our atmosphere.  Is it any wonder our facial muscles lose tone and that youthful elasticity?

If the muscles have space to relax it also helps release potentially harmful toxins by aiding the circulatory and lymphatic systems, which can bring down lymphatic swelling as the toxins are massaged away.  People look visibly refreshed and energised, more relaxed and stress free!   Over a period of time, the skin appears rejuvenated, wrinkles seem to be dramatically reduced for many without the need for painful surgery.  Notice that I use the term ‘people’, men have also found this to be a useful treatment too.

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* I love Neal’s Yard Remedies products and have been using them for years, and for your information here’s why, aside from the purity and gentleness on my skin, I wouldn’t be without them:

Neal’s Yard list the following: –

NO ANIMAL TESTING – unnecessary and cruel
NO GMO INGREDIENTS – not enough is known about the long-term implications
NO PARABENS – linked to oestrogen overproduction
NO NANO PARTICLES – not enough is known about their long-term implications
NO SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCES – often associated with allergic reactionsNO SYNTHETIC COLOURS – often associated with allergic reactions
NO SILICONES – coat the skin, impeding its natural function
NO MINERAL OILS – derived from petroleum, have a tendency to block the skin
NO PHTHALATES – reported to have toxic impact on human and animal life
NO EDTA – doesn’t readily biodegrade
NO PROPYLENE GLYCOL – derived from petroleum
NO CARBOMER – derived from petroleum
NO DEA – associated with known carcinogens

Neal’s Yard Products are approved and supported by the following organisations:-

BUAV – Cruelty Free, Soil Association Organic,, Vegetarian Society , FSC, World Land Trust, Dermatologically Tested, Carbon Neutral

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