Online Therapies

In these current times I thought it might be handy to have an online presence. Given that I am, at this moment, unable to see people face to face and treat people hands on after the most current government address I am afraid that I don’t have a date when I will be able to start working directly again. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a virtual meeting with me or a ‘Tamara therapy’ at home either on your own or with a small number of friends on Zoom, FaceTime or WhatsApp.

As well as my sittings for individual people and teaching for Psychic Mediumship, I also can offer a number of therapies that I can guide you through and they are actually proving rather popular. In time, we are no doubt going to have to wear masks in one another’s company and visors for the foreseeable future but that doesn’t mean you cannot have a hands on therapy with a difference. Work with me on this….

I have put together a number of therapies where I will guide you through a routine. There is a meditation included with these therapies and there you have it, a relaxing therapy.

I offer the following for your perusal. Some are available for a group where stated (pricing is here) :-

Natural Lift Facial Massage (… more info on this therapy here)

Working with massage to the head, neck and face this therapy can be incredibly relaxing. I will initially ask you to close your eyes and will help to centre you in the moment and then guide you through the sequence of moves that is the lovely Natural Lift Facial Massage and once this is completed a lovely meditation to finalise the relaxing therapy. This therapy is lovely on a one to one basis, but can also be nice to experience with a group of up to five in their own homes.

Beauty Facial (…more info on this therapy here)

Yep, you read it right. The good intentions we have of giving ourselves a pamper evening … eventually. Although when and if we do, we go through the motions of cleansing, scrubbing, toning, stick the face mask on for a few minutes whilst looking at our phones, doing a spot of work, preparing the dinner, etc. etc. I would, in ‘normal’ times give you a natural facial with Neal’s Yard Remedies products so on this basis you will obviously need to have your own products to hand in the form of cleanser (although I have found it’s much easier to do the therapy once you’ve cleansed already), facial scrub, facial oil/balm, face mask, toner, serum, eye cream, moisturiser. With this I will guide you through the routine of the facial ritual, including massaging your face and when you have the face mask on you may choose between distant healing or a guided meditation – close your eyes pop a couple of pieces of cucumber on them and relax! As you are using your own products you will know that they are suited to your skin. This therapy is lovely on a one to one basis, but can also be nice to experience with a group of up to five in their own homes.

Indian Head Massage (…more info on this therapy here)

Guiding you through a ritual for the scalp, neck and face followed by a guided meditation is the relaxing but also invigorating Indian Head Massage – feel your face and head come alive as blood circulation is given an oomph. This therapy is lovely on a one to one basis, but can also be nice to experience with a group of up to five in their own homes.


I will talk you through a guided meditation to help you relax and healing will generally also occur.

Reiki (…more info on healing here)

Distant Healing. I will talk you through a little settling in routine to get you comfortable and then I will either stay online with you for the time or I will send you the healing and we will speak afterwards about the healing treatment.

Psychic Mediumship Sitting (…more info here)

Together with my abilities in healing, I have also had that of psychic mediumship for longer than I can remember and have been part of the College of Psychic Studies, South Kensington, London under the guidance of Gerrie March (please see Spiritual Development page for more information on group classes).

Psychic Mediumship teaching in Zoom classes (…more info here)

Up to 6 people. Weekly in 6 week periods through Zoom.

*Payment to be taken at the time of booking via online banking please.