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How are you dear reader?  I have spent time pondering on what to write this rainy afternoon. Looking out of my window as the rain falls and a fox has nipped across the green going about their business and I think, as I thought consistently throughout this lockdown, that we do live in a beautiful world and I feel gratitude for it.  I have previously written another article which I will publish but not yet.  It’s a wish for a better world, but seeing as I haven’t published anything in a while I thought something a little more lighthearted and business (on my behalf) orientated might prove to be a better re-introduction.

During the full lockdown, I thought I might try and help and one way was to offer complementary psychic mediumship sittings.  I, along with many others had their work taken away from them overnight with no means of knowing where the finances might appear.  It was a worrying time for many, and still is on many levels.  As we come out of lockdown, unfortunately my profession hasn’t been given the green light to work and we unfortunately don’t have a clue as to when this may be so, taking the positive, what can I do instead.

Not being one for tech really and not being much of a fan of social media I begrudgingly opened a business page on Instagram where I put a card a day on there to help myself as I wasn’t sure if what I had to say would be of any interest, but also anyone else who might take comfort in this.  I was happy to find that it did prove to be a comfort to many.  From that, I gave a few psychic mediumship sittings and I joke that I have been an international medium during lockdown with doing  FaceTime, WhatsApp & Zoom consultations in Russia, Australia, UK and America to name a few.

As lockdown loosened over here in England, I started to think what I would be able to do as suspected that social contact would stop me working as a massage therapist for quite some time yet so I came up with the idea of online therapies.  I have friends teaching yoga, personal training, pilates and psychotherapy online and thus came my inspiration.

You will see on my webpage my ‘online therapies‘ and given we are going to be wearing masks in one another’s company for a while yet it may prove difficult to those of us who love our relaxing facials and bodywork.  Having discussed and practiced with a few of my lovely friends I have come up with the therapies you will see listed and list of prices here.

Yes, you will be giving yourself a facial massage as an example, but I will settle you in before your therapy session begins by talking you through a relaxation method, getting you to be in that all important moment for ‘you time’ and then we will begin by my guiding you through said therapy.  Adding the advantage of I can adapt it slightly if, for instance, you have a tight neck and shoulders.  You may be surprised, but a whole lot can go in to a self massage, facial etc.  It gives you the reasoning to actually take time out for yourself and with me guiding you through massage techniques for your head, face, neck and shoulders you will have that lovely feeling of refreshment and tingle from a facial.  On a side note, I have given a few Facial Massages online and as I guide you I am doing them on myself to show you and I am seeing the difference personally! At some point in the therapy I will guide you also through a meditation, ordinarily the meditation will be at the end of  therapies so you can feel the benefit.  A slight difference is with the beauty facial, whereas I will give you the option to choose either a guided meditation or healing whilst you settle for the face pack to do it’s magic (cucumber optional – it’s your home).  Also with the beauty facial, you will be using your own products and will know that they work and suit you.

Aside from my online therapies, I have also started working with animals more.  Especially now as we move out of lockdown our home life may be changing and our house animals may need a little healing to re adapt to us not being there as much and of course those who know the sensitivity of horses will understand certain changes affect them too and I have found healing to be wonderful for our equine friends.

I look forward to seeing you online soon, as we follow this different path.






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