It’s Autumn! Time for a little refreshment.

Well, that was Summer and here we are fast approaching the Autumn Equinox if you can believe it!?  Personally, I loved Summer and after a trip to Wales in August, followed by South East of England, where we had the quintessentially British holiday of part sun, part rain, I felt happy to have that homely feel of a spot of rain on one’s holiday – when I say spot, I mean absolute downpour, but that didn’t stop the determination, stubbornness or Britishness to enjoy oneself on holiday!

Well, with Autumn comes the change of the seasons where all the orange and yellow hues start coming in to play and at the moment as I look out my window I see those colours popping out through the greens of what was Summer for another year.

With Autumn comes a time of change and as I have had a lovely change with the addition of an additional place where I can practice from in the form of The Holistic Centre in Godalming, it got me thinking about what I could write about this week and it seemed a perfect time to start up my blog once again and have a focus on explaining the therapies I offer and with a seasonal change, I thought I’d start with Thai Foot Massage!  Sandals in the wardrobe, wellies at the ready!


The history bit – The Thai foot massage is based on a traditional technique dating back over 2000 years and is still practiced by Buddhist monks today, which were first recorded in the famous ‘Wat Po Temple’ in Bangkok.  Thai Foot massage works on ‘Sen’ lines (in Chinese medicine these are known as ‘meridian’ lines) from the Ayurvedic tradition and these reflex points are stimulated using a thai stick.

How it works – A therapeutic massage is given to the legs and feet with the use aswell of the Thai Stick which will stimulate the reflex points of the feet, similar to a reflexology treatment.

The Benefits – There are many benefits worth noting in the therapy of Thai Foot Massage.  It improves circulation in legs and feet, so it’s perfect as your feet go in to hibernation in those closed in shoes as it stimulates lymphatic drainage and helps remove toxins.  It reduces stiffness and improves flexibility so would be also beneficial for tight muscles and fascia of the feet in plantar fascitis (or joggers heel).

Other benefits include detoxification to help the strengthening of the immune system, thus preventing disease all ready for the onslaught of the cold season.  It aids in the acceleration of physical healing as well as the psychological benefit of aiding with stress relief and mental tiredness (the nights are drawing in!).

All in all, a pretty handy therapy for this time of year I feel you may agree?  To book an appointment you can contact me directly, or via Godalming or Guildford on the numbers on my website in the contacts page of


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