Equine Sports & Remedial Massage

Equine Sports & Remedial Massage is the therapeutic application of professional sports massage techniques applied to the horse. A thorough understanding of anatomy and the interaction of bones, joints and muscles are the basis of the proven physical and mental therapy that is the art of massage.

Tamara looks at the horse as a whole and attempts to consider all possible causes and effects of any tension while interpreting a horses reactions and expressions, which may also include the rider.

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Does your horse do or show signs of any of the following:
  • Dislikes being groomed
  • Prefer one rein
  • Show lateral stiffness
  • Reluctant to canter on one lead
  • Hollow backed
  • High headed
  • Head shaking
  • Bucking
  • Cold backed when tacked up
  • Lack of poll flexion and bend
  • Head tilting
  • Have an uneven stride length
  • Holding the tail to one side
  • Excessive rolling
All of the above can be signs of pain and discomfort and should be investigated.

Few Human athletes would compete without preparing their bodies using massage and stretching exercises, so it is rather surprising that for the supreme athlete – the horse – this is virtually unheard of!

Whilst the horse can benefit from Sports & Remedial Massage singularily, it is important to note that both horse and rider may benefit from an equilibrium massage, whereby both are treated so they may work more smoothly together as muscle stiffness and body tightness can carry from rider to horse and vice versa due to heavy work and previous injury from both parties.

This is extremely beneficial not only for competition fitness, but also in day to day pleasure riding.

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