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Canine Massage & Healing

Massage and Healing isn’t only for humans, animals can benefit greatly as well on all levels.  From an emotional or psychological standpoint, all animals but in the case of this page, dogs have strong emotions and can suffer depressive illness, fear and loss just the same, they are pack animals and in a rescue situation for example this can be very traumatising for the animal in question as well as their historical life.  Firstly, the important thing to do is reward the ‘positive’ behaviour to help them understand that it’s alright.

Massage and Healing can be of great benefit for their emotional wellbeing, the healing can aid the emotional self by helping them to release buried emotions.  It’s not surprising for animals to let out sighs or vocal release as they ‘let go’ of emotions that have been holding them back.  I’ve had some lovely feedback from owners in the past saying that their animals seem to ‘have a weight lifted off their mind’.

Healing and Massage can help in many situations as well. Physical aches and pains such as arthritis for example can be helped by concentrating the flow of the healing to the areas in question but also the massage will help by warming the joints and muscles and stretching the fascia of the muscles to allow greater movement thus easing pain.

Then of course there is the maintenance side. It is a very good idea to have a maintenance massage once every four to six weeks to make sure everything is ticking over nicely and dogs love a massage so as it’s of great benefit to you, it’s of great benefit to your canine family/friend too. Healing is also be beneficial when a change in lifestyle occurs, before and/or after the event. Aiding in illness and stressful situations and nervousness to name a few.

Please do contact me to discuss and under the code of conduct of the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 it’s important that contact must be made with your Veterinary Surgeon for diagnosis and/or prescription. Following initial discussion, your Veterinary Surgeon will be contacted requesting permission to be granted to work with your animal. This is a legal requirement in the UK, so please have their details available when we speak. Many thanks.

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